Monday, April 13, 2009

Wet mountain...

Since Monday was a part of the Easter holidays I decided to make the most oft of it so I took my bike and went to Blötberget (straightly translated from Swedish makes that Wet-mountain). Had noticed when studying maps of the area that there was a big quarry there that I had not noticed before. There's a lot of old quarries left around here from the glory days of mining.

Today was not as good as before, there was a grey overcast and the temperature was a bit lower and a cold wind blew.
Someone had put a bike saddle on top of a road sign.
The waterlevel in Väsman is still low, took the opportunity to bike on the now visible "slick rocks" on the shore.
Glad I had ditched the spike tires! =)
A pseudo HDR of the tracks left by my bike after passing a small gap.
I hesitated a long time before trying it, it was difficult to get up the speed enough since I had to start on a sandy beach.
Good fun! Great grip.
Still a decent stream.
Wiew of the district heating plant and where I was playing on the slick rocks a few moments ago.
Got to a long boring transport part on the bike lane, had to stop for water and adjust the saddle, it was leaning backwards for some reason, much better after the adjustment!
The beavers seems to have had a party at a small stream.
Noticed this blooming tree(?) near the bike lane and next to a house, thought it might be planted by the inhabitant's of the house but then I saw these plants later in the middle of the woods, never noticed these before, wonder what plants they are?
The bike lane is built on an old railroad track so it's flat and nice, at some stages you pass old stations, been a while since this one was used for crossing the tracks...
Made it to Blötberget, turned out the road I had seen on the map was fenced and warning signs hang on the closed gates. The sign says "Hazardous area", "Unauthorized entry forbidden"
A smaller door on the side was however not locked so I sneaked in anyway! =)
Did not find anything exciting, the quarry was filled with water.
I suppose I thought the same as the moose's about the place.
Continued on the road that went by the quarry and passed another gate out of the are and ended up on some forest roads. Someone had used a old bridge to hone his/her graffiti skillz.
Followed a small road in to the woods and ended up on a small peninsula, the hunters had put a hunting tower here, I could see why, the area was littered with moose droppings!
Since it was a dead end I got back to the road and kept going, had to pass another warning sign and fence, ended up in yet another dead end. On the way in I felt a grotesque smell, thankfully it went away as I came to a land filling near a old mining tower.
On the way in I managed to surprise some big bird, didn't see what it was except it was big but there were some other birds left in the area.
On the way back I saw what it was that stank, a pile of moose cadavers that someone had dumped right in the open near the land filling, I think they are supposed to dig those remains into the ground, suddenly I wasn't hungry any more. No, I didn't stop to take a photo of the pile!

Since I only had hit dead ends and started to get hungry again after the cadaver incident I decided to go back the same way I got in.
Could however not resist to take a look around the area at the gate, almost buried in the ground one could almost see a long shape in the ground, there was a small hole in the ground and I aimed my camera in to it and viewing the display afterwards I saw this.
The "tunnel" was at least 100meters long if not longer.
Had to take a picture of this fence pole that some time long ago must have fallen between two stems of the tree and was now permanently embedded in it!
Lot's of old buildings in the area.
Really old mining tower.
After that it was a long and tedious ride back home in the cold head wind!
Almost at home I passed a area covered with Snow Drops and some unknown yellow flowers.
Not the most fun ride I had but it can't be wrong to get a few hours on the bike before the Spain trip! =)