Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Topping the news.

Perhaps it's a bit slow at work when the biggest buzz is that the "creamer" in the coffee machine now is replaced with "topping". Apparently the topping is supposed to contain less artificial ingredients than the creamer.

I usually take my coffee black at work since I think the coffee with creamer tastes even worse than the coffee without creamer so when I tried the topping I really couldn't tell any difference. I hope that the artificial ingredients that still are there is less "bad" than the ones in the creamer...

Wonder if the topping works as well as the creamer? =)

Talking about natural ingredients I couldn't resist to buy this bottle with elderberry soda made by Bionade(?) when I was in Finland, seems to be imported from UK or US.
And the reason I had do buy it, at 2:40.

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