Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weight update #8

Another weight update. Made it under 98kg this week! Didn't think it would happen this week but I made it! =)

Blood pressure and pulse chart:
With all the snow now melting fast there will hopefully soon be some dry enough trails available in the woods and that should result in some more bike rides and that in turn some fat burning exercise! =)


  1. You're still closing in... What's your target weight?

  2. Well, depends on how you dicided what the final weight should be measured from, or are you talking outside the "competition"?

    72kg sounds like a good target weight! =)

  3. I meant for the betting. You started at X kilos and then subtract 15.0 kg from that.

    Y = X - 15.0


    I have 11.0 kilo before I reach my Y, want to know how much you're ahead of me.

  4. Hmm, think I peaked at 104,8kg, I can go with 104 even? That would make Y=104-15=89kg and 8,8kg to reach the goal. =)

  5. The lower you go for the inital weight, the better for me! :D