Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday = Sunride?

Woke up late today, ate breakfast and after looking out the window the weather was a bit less good than yesterday but there was some sunshine coming through the clouds now and then and the temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius.

Decided to finally get rid of the studded tires on the full suspension bike, let the air out of the front wheel and replaced the studded tire with a regular one, pumped in more air than usually to really expand the tire and tube so the tires got in place for sure.

After that I continued with the rear tire, was watching the Formula one qualifying at the same time and suddenly heard a strange noise, turned out to be the cell phone, had got a message from Tobbe wondering if I was interested in checking out the trail he had scouted out earlier.

Sounded like a great idea and we agreed on a time to meet, I only had to change the rear tire and get dressed for biking. Finnished with the rear tire and were about to turn the bike around when I noticed the previously max inflated front tire was totally flat! What the F*CK!

Oh well, I just had to replace the tube with a new one, knew I had one in the camelbak, pulled it out and started to inflate that tube, hadn't pumped in much air before I head a familiar sound of a leaking tube! Doh! Now I had to tubes with holes! Nothing else to do than call Tobbe and tell him that I would be a bit late and start fixing the holes.
I hope they will hold together until the shipment arrives, at least the one I finally put in seems to hold air!

Well, finally we got started but by now the sun was totally covered by dark clouds. Oh well..
Ahhh!! Such a good feeling swooshing around on the bike with almost silent tires again! I was even possible to keep a conversation while biking. =)
After some climbing we made it to the trail, turned out to be a lot of bike pushing in the snow but the trail sure looks promising when the snow finally melts away!
Right now there is a bit much snow...
And if the snow wasn't enough to keep us walking there was some trees over the trail here and there. Tobbe did some clearing up!
And some more clearing up!
And a bit more clearing up! :)
Then we actually made a few meters on the bikes and Tobbe found a skull of some animal, if you can identify it please leave a comment!
Some bike washing on the roll.
There was some mighty icicles in a old mining shaft, there's ice in there way in to the summer.
At some occasions there actually was some sunshine, believe it or not! =)
But mostly there was a thick layer of clouds.
And when almost back home again Batman drove by!
Think the "ride" took around three hours in total, it was not long but with all the snow, photo shooting and removal of obstacles the time flew by! Next time the ride will hopefully flow a bit better! =)


  1. I looked at different skulls at Naturhistoriska Riksmuséet, it's most like a Wolverine (Järv) but those don't live near where we found it. So I'm leaning towards a Lynx cub (Lo). Perhaps I should bring it home and polish it like I said. Wounder what Anki would think about that. ;)

  2. There have been sightings of wolverines not far from here. But I think Mikes sabre tooth rabbit sound cooler! ;)

    It's a perfect hood ornament, Anki should like it! :)

  3. Do you have better photos of the skull? From the side etc..? I've been e-mailing with the biologist on call att Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet and they suggest domestic cat. One of them suggested ermine (hermelin) but that skull looks very different from the one found.

  4. Hmmm, just another one from the front and then the one where you kiss it. :)

    That one is from the side. Don't have the photos here but I can mail you them later.