Thursday, April 9, 2009

Virtual-friday snippets

Extra safety is always nice but I'm note so sure this is the right way to do it? A extra brake lamp(?) duck taped on to the trunk door! =)
It's been gray and raining all day today but now the sun has started to shine through the clouds now and then, the wet tarmac is drying up!
Still a few weeks before the daffodils pokes out of the dirt...
Tomorrow is Good Friday so no more work this week and Monday is free too, short week! =)

Went to the Systembolaget during lunch to get me some more of the Mariestads Påskbryggd but when I got to the aisle where they kept the Easter beers it was completely swiped clean! Not a single Easter beer was left! Thought I'd buy a few to give away and some store for later but had to give up that idea. :(

Got my self a few more Brother Thelonious and a Maredous Blonde 6° instead as comfort. =)

Happy Easter everyone!
Finally got the time to get to Lindbergs cykel and hear if they could take care och the exchange of my defective Camelbak bladder, after some initial confusion they took care of it without any problems, no need for receipts or anything else, left my phone number and they thought they would get a new 3litre bladder til next Thursday.

Close call for the up coming Spain trip but I keep my fingers crossed!