Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Defective stuff (Updated)

Yesterday evening was the second time my External 1Tb LaCie hardrive malfunctioned, have owned a bunch of external disks but never had any failures with them, starting to suspect the drive is defected and I wrote a mail to the shop pointing this out, still waiting for an answer.. To me it sounds like a solid case of warranty exchange, well, hopefully I will find it out soon.

Next item is my Camelbak water bag, really impressed how well it has held together but when I was about to rinse the water bag I noticed a hole near the plastic base where you connect the hose.
Found out that there is a limited life time warranty on the water bag so if all goes well I will be able to get a new one on warranty, still waiting for an answer on that too! :)

Update: Got a mail from the Camelbak importer in Sweden, Duells, they told med that there indeed is a lifetime warranty on the bladders and that I could try to get it exchanged at any bike shop that sells Camelbak. I will make a try at my local bike shop (Lindbergs Cykel) and see what they say. In the mail Duells told med that a receipt was not necessary in their case but that the shop might ask for one to handle the claim. Well, let's hope they are flexible! :)

No word from Dustin considering the hard drive, got a bounce from their mail server, don't know it my mail got stuck in a spam filter or something. I'll try to send the mail from an other address.


  1. Broken stuff sucks! I can deal with breaking stuff by abusing them outside their intended use but faulty new gear just sucks...
    However, if Camelbak decides not to honour their warranty you already know how to fix it :-)

  2. Yeah, it's all the huzzle and all the time that goes to waste just to correct some one elses errors.

    As I wrote, I'm impressed how well built the camelbak is, I'm thinking about buying another camelbak so that I always have one 'ready-to-go'! =)

  3. Yeah, Camelbaks are mostly really nice quality products. Apart from the bladder (that I cut on some tools) mine are holding up amazingly well.

  4. The external Laice-disks are well known to have problem with their power supply. I bet it's the same in your case.

  5. Ok, thanks for the info Jonas!

    Did a quick googling on the the model the first time it malfunctioned and did not find anyting special, perhaps I should have searched on someting more generic like "Lacie external HD". =)

  6. I've been trying to get a new motherboard for one of our servers from HP. It's a four year old machine that's had two capacitors blow. Too bad I discovered the fault 40 days after the warranty expired. I've now bugged three people at HP, time to give up.