Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Delayed ride report.

As the reader of this blog perhaps remember I was out biking in conjunction with the lunch hour this Monday. It was amazing spring weather that day. Not long before I was going home from work Tobbe sent a message and wondered if I was up for a bike ride that afternoon...

Hmm, it's not this nice weather every day and the forecast had promised less good weather the next day. So why not? Just had to find some biking cloth that wasn't damp. =)

There were some confusion about where to go, not that much to choose from when the trails are still covered with snow, some places a lot of loose snow.

Well, finally it was decided to check out a close by trail. When getting there we could only conclude that it was unbikeable. A trail nearby was less snow covered and we managed to get to a running/ski-track.

It too was almost impossible to use but with some determination one could bike a few hundred meters at a time! =)
The icy parts were welcome!

It could look something like this:

Had to give up on yet another trail.
There were patches with no snow but they were scarce.
One lucky strike! A almost snow free trail for several hundred meters!
Had to skip my "SPD" shoes and use regular shoes without clamps, they were way to damp to be used again this day.
After the short trail it was down hill for a long bit, however there were a lot of snow, one had to pedal like crazy just to get down the hill!
After a lot of work we were at the end of the slope.
A well used trail was like a dream to ride on!
And one could actually steer some what normally.
The train thought I was going to cross the railroad, fool it good by taking another route, suckers waiting in queue! ;)
Tobbe had to get home by seven and i felt that the ride earlier that day had taken its toll so it was nice to get home again to rest for a while!
It turned out that Tuesday was a equally fine day as Monday but then we played mahjong instead. Tobbe managed to win the mahjong and I ended up in the last place of four players, new round next time! =)

Nice sunset from their apartment window:


  1. Yeah, that hill was hard work to get down. It's not everyday one have to put all the weight on the pedals just to get down...

    I got 2.400 points in Mah Jong or so, everybody else had "low" 1.100. :D

  2. Was it only roughly 1000 point difference? ;)