Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late weight update - #9

Wasn't at home this weekend so the usual update on Sunday was forgotten, but here it is now, perhaps the result has kept me from posting this earlier? ;)

98,2KG on the scale this morning.

The weight seems to have been standing still lately, I was however surprised that I hadn't gained more weight since I ate a lot of candy and drank a few beers during the trip!
Almost same weight as two weeks ago...

The blood pressure still on a downward trend.
Whole next week will be spent in Spain, read on Happymtb.org about others that been to Spain on a biking trip and they had gained a few kilos, he didn't mention if it was muscle mass or fat. ;)


  1. Considering the food options I'd say we won't gain any fat. :D

    Glad you're holding your weight - too! :D

  2. Hehee.. 97,8 this morning, 8kg to go... =)