Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Midday escape!

This took longer than I thought to get done with, so I will post the photos now and comment them later. :)

I can tell this though, I took an hour in conjunction with my lunch to go for a ride since it's going to be less good weather after today and the weather today was fantastic! :)

The stream near ABB was pouring out melting water!
Not the funniest way to bike but it's car free and has some nice scenery. An old pump house, at least I don't think it's used anymore, but I can be wrong. =)
As mentioned the scenery was fantastic!
Passed a old "ruin" probably something to do with mining in some way since there has been a lot of them around here, some kind of filling station for loading trains perhaps?View straight up.
Some other ruins close to the big one.
Some decay...

Time to back home again. :/A bit wet here and there..
Had to go down to the shore and try the slick rocks!

More scenery.
Hohoo! Almost no ice left on the trail!
The ice is cracking up!
No water in the Ludvika stream though...
Finally a video from the bike lane, good speed! ;)


  1. Hm, that's places I don't recognize at all - but I realize where they are. :)

  2. Been biking past there several times, this time I decided to take a closer look! =)