Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passable trails!

Left work an hour earlier to go for a short ride, decided to take the route I and Tobbe tried to take a week ago. Now there were almost no snow left! Only a few ice patches here and there. =)

Yeah, took some great shots with my cell phone. :)
The running track that recently had a cross country skiing track on it.
Here we turned around last time.
Long time since I took this route last time.
Testing the delayed shooting mode.
Had to stop and do some lumber work now and them. The one who cut the trees didn't seem care that the trees fell straight over the trail...
Cleared a path.
More trees blocking the trail.
After some clearing work.
The rest of the trail was free of clutter.
After clearing out the trail I noticed I had forgotten to bring water with me, it was good exercise but now I was thirsty, decided to get back using the running track. Had to ride down a steep slope and got quite much speed, the track is fairly smooth with a few bumps to jump on, catched my self with a big fat grin on my face, that was fun! =)

I have to put gears on the Pugsley!

Been a while since I was here, some one had built a shelter.
Not much wind at the Gårlången lake.
A few more warm days and perhaps some wind and the trails will dry up quickly! When the vegetation starts to grow it should dry up even faster! =)


  1. Sweet! There's still quite a lot of snow around here. I'm hoping it's gone by the time I get back from the trip.
    I really like rr07.jpg. Not because it's a particularly good photo but for the pug. That bike just makes me smile and it looks extra special in that pic :-)

  2. Hehee.. Thanks for the comment!

    It felt like it would take forever to get rid of the snow but it has really accelerated the last week! I sure hope you will notice a big change coming home from the trip!

    I forgot to count the beeps from the phones countdown timer so I had to do some track standing on the rr07 pic to keep my self in the picture, that explains the angle of the front wheel. =)

    Three days left til the plane lifts off!

  3. Was the entire running track free from snow?

  4. Not sure about the whole track, rode only a fraction of it, there was however a ice/snow patch near where the short track and longer track meets.