Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fibers is good for you!

Woke up this morning hearing noise, turned out it was that time again when they empty the trash. It's nice to have trash disposal hatch just outside the apartment door but why in the hell do they have to collect the filled trashcans so damn early in the morning?!?

Turned out that it was not the only noise this morning, when getting out of the bed room I noticed another sound that was out of the ordinary, then I remembered the trailer and stuff outside my kitchen and living room window.

The biggest landlord in the area is replacing their cable tv network with a new fiber optical network. And now they were outside my apartment putting fibers in the ground. I live in a privately owned house so we will continue as usual while the residents in the other building will get new outlets in their apartments.

The well used for the fibre connections is just a few meters outside my apartment, tempting to go and patch in to the network! ;)

Talking about noise and early, yesterday the neighbouring houses groundskeeper were outside using his hellish-noise-machine, a leaf-blower! Blowing debris randomly all over the place. Those machines must have been constructed to emit as much noise as possible, and the noise penetrates the thickest walls possible! Of course they also have to start using the machines as early as possible in the morning, they can't possibly know how close they are to be assaulted by tired and bad tempered people...

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