Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maiden voyage!

After getting rid of the stubborn seat post I could fit the bike with a new seat post and a new saddle, switched the saddle on my Pugsley to a old refurbished one that I had dressed with leather, then I took the one from the Pugsley and put it on the Crescent.

Also replaced the missing brake pads in the rear with fairly modern MTB-style break pads, seems to work great! Adjusted the handlebar and took the bike out for a quick run.

Decided to go to Skuthamn, shy I don't know because I should have foreseen this...
The gate was closed because a train was about to pass. Had to wait a long time before it turned up and passed...

Well, got through eventually and the bike feels quite ok!

Found a photo spot.
Shifting gears and breaking seems to work properly, perhaps some minor dragging of the brakes in the front that has to be fine adjusted and finally I have to switch the pedals to "SPD" type pedals and I'm home!