Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fit for fight!

Did a small "overhaul" of my Pugsley, cleaned the chain, oiled it, washed the frame and put on some wax to clean it easier next time. Then I took it for a short spin to see that everything worked ok for the ride tomorrow...
Couln't help stoping for a few photos of the spring signs.
Buds and flowers everywhere now.
No more ice in the stream.
Nice light this evening.
Avoided the usual route over the train crossing but what does it help when there is another crossing across the town...
Found a nice photo spot.

Played with the self timer on the camera and noticed there was a option to shoot up to 9 shots in a row, managed to get a few keepers.
Nice warm weather in the last day of April!
Early tomorrow I will drive to Uppsala and the traditional 1st of May ride in Lunsen! =)


  1. You did WHAT? Cleaned AND waxed the frame? Yikes!

  2. Yeah, spring makes med crazyer than usual! :)