Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tool time!

After using the single hacksaw blade for, what felt like forever, I got tired of the bad efficiency and invested in a 39:- sek handle and a new blade!
After several more minutes of hyper-intensive sawing I used a flat screw driver to try prod off the stubborn small piece that was still there way down the seat tube and noticed that the whole seat post sank down as I hammered on the post!

Drilled a hole in the side where the slit was and this time used the screw driver to hammer the piece upward.
Wohoo!! Coming up, coming up. Citing E-Type. ;)
Used a pair of pliers to pull it out the last bit.
GOTCHA!!!Finally I can start the "transformation" to a somewhat decent road bike! And yes, I will use lubricant on the new seatpost! =)

1 comment:

  1. If violence wont cut it, apply more violence. If that too fails, apply even more violence. If that also fails so will the thing you try to repair. :D