Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Evening HDR:s

Been washing cloth and gear since 5pm this afternoon, have to freshen up the stuff before I start packing for the trip to Spain. While washing I noticed the wind was almost still with clouds on the sky that was almost stationary, so I grabbed the camera and went out to try catch some shots.

When shooting HDR images you want to have a static scene as possible to avoid ghosting artifacts, when shooting in low light there is a bigger risk that something in the scene moves between the or in the shot since the exposure times tends to be longer.

Tonight the clouds were like glued on the sky! :)

The polhem wheel:
An old harrow.
Old style version:
Rail road crossing:
Also managed to surprise a couple of roe deers, but with the 35mm lens they were way too far away to get decent shots. Have to make another try some evening with the 70-300mm lens...

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