Friday, April 3, 2009

Holy crap!

Look at the temperature in the shadow right now! Going almost up to 20 degrees Celsius! =)

Actually I should work til 5pm today since I'm out of flex-time but I'm going to ignore that and get home early to enjoy the weather and the sun shine!

Ahh, forgot to post a image of yesterdays sushi meal, that was delish as usual and we got a extra double-shrimp piece! Yummy! Thank you "Uncle Fish"! ;)

Wonder if it's any sense washing the car again and change to summer tires this evening, I probably will provoke a second snow blizzard and sub zero temperatures the next weeks? =)


  1. Looks like 17 to me :-) Around these god forsaken parts of the world it's around 0 and to top it off we have had soms snow :-(
    Changing tires on the car is a certain guarantee for snow but you already know that. Speaking of summer tires, DPD dropped off four new ones at the office today. Now THAT was money fun spent :-/ And by the looks of it I'll need them some time by june... Well, at least it's friday :-)

  2. Doh! Getting more snow would break my spirit!

    Not a funny expense.. Yeah! Friday! =)

  3. The roads are wet and frozen when I go to work in the mornings, no summer tires for me yet. But the studs on my winter tires aren't protruding the rubber anyway so I guess it won't be that much of a difference... ;)