Thursday, April 2, 2009


Another day at the coal mine and another chance to do some push biking. Unfortunately I had to work late and had two baskets full of clothes to be washed...

It did however not prevent me from getting to the 'hill' later to try catch some action with my camera and my new lens! I could not believe my eyes when I passed the railroad crossing without having to stop!! Wohoo!!

Got to the spot and noticed that somebody indeed was here already with a bike!
Ahh, the snow is vanishing!
But what's this? That's not Tobbe!
Turned out that Ryddan also was infected with the push bike infection!
No spike tires...
After Ryddan came Tobbe down the trail.
Cheating with Freddie's Revenz tires... ;)
Still slippery!
Then it was back up the hill again.
Ryddans bike.
Here we go again!
Then I stood and waited for them to come back up the hill again, heard nothing so I started to shoot some scenery's.
Still didn't hear anything, finally I shouted and wondered what's the delay? Apparently they were getting home! Why didn't they tell me that in the first place! ;)

A few final shots going back.

Now it was only half an hour til sushi! Ryddan and Tobbe biked home, I stayed and shot some more scenery's.Then I remembered I had cloth in the washing machine I had to empty and hang up to dry before the sushi!

Doh!!! What the h***! Of course I managed to time the train on the way back and had to stop! I should have realized that!
Looks like the Nikkor 35mm/f1.8 works well for action shots too! =)


  1. Some really nice shots there! Love the close action of my bike and the black Ryddan going home (second last shot).

    Good timing with the train. :)

  2. Thanks! The silhouette shot was just a shot out of the car window almost at random. =)

    Yes, I'm an expert train timer now!