Saturday, May 2, 2009


Got to my parents place and did a proper clean up on my car, inside and out. Wax on and was off. Took way too long but it's kind of meditative to do a thorough work, only drawback is that the car will probably look dirty again in just a couple of days, well, well..

Funny thing happened this evening, rushed to the store just before they were about to close and when I parked the car outside the '"supermarket" a woman commented "THAT'S a shiny car!" and asked if I had worked on the car a long time?! =)

First time I ever heard anyone comment on the polish of my car, suppose I did a good job. *grin*

Took the chance to get a photo of the car with fresh layer of wax!

Suzuki Swift. Shot with Nikon D90 - Nikkor 35mm/f1.8 DX - Tone mapped HDR in Photomatix

As I was taking the shots for the HDR-image, a slightly drunk man came up to me and told that the spot I was in was frequently used for taking shots of cars that was about to be put on sale on Internet and I suppose he thought I was going to sell my car soon. :)

Even if is suspected he was a raggare I couldn't make my self tell him that I was merely shooting photos to enjoy the looks of my own go-cart.. I mean car! ;)


  1. Shiny indeed! That reminds me, the Hitlerwagen really needs washing. Last time was late August I think... Well, any day now :-)

  2. Hehee..

    Got a few drops of rain on my car today!

  3. If you want to do more meditation I know two more cars that would like a thorough scrubbing!

  4. Too bad I got my monthly dose of "meditation" allready.. ;)

  5. The cars will still be around in June, so no problemo! :D

  6. Ok, I'll be back to you then. =)