Monday, March 30, 2009

Yet another PB session...

Tobbe seems to be like a energizer bunny right now, don't know if he is trying to work off some weight to keep away from me in the contest or if he has something else on his agenda?! :)

What ever it is I was too tired to dare bike down a slippery trail today, leaving that to tobbe, I'm trying to keep my bones intact until the Spain trip (good excuse!).

I took the chance to try some different lenses and shot a few shots:

Starting off with two B/W ones.
Testing to pan with the 70-300mm Sigma. Had to boost the ISO to get decent exposure times with usable aperture.
Testing a defishing filter in Photoshop.
More examples. Original.
More pushing. Now I started to freeze like hell in the cold wind.
At last, final runs! :)
Switched to the Sigma 10-20mm lens.
A bit of drifting!
Final run! Bringing down the shovel..
On the trail getting back to the road.
Tobbe resting. =)
Insanely cold in the wind, the teperature was way over zero but the wind blew right through the clothes, was feeling cold even after getting home!


  1. Hm, my balding seems even worse in black and white. :-O

    It was a tough day, did certainly not feel like the Energizer bunny. And what's pushing me out there is the camera review, but also it's a lot of fun. :D

    Like the panning shot best but would prefer more air in front of the bike.

    In the first shovel-shot it looks like I have a 29" rear wheel and 20" front. :D

  2. Ahh, so it's the review that's pressing on. Is it closing in on the deadline? =)

    I croped the panning shot pretty hard, there was some air in the front of you but I chose to have the debris that spatters from the rear wheel in the shot instead.

    Yoy should have a 29" in front and 20" rear wheel to compensate for the Sigma 10-20mm lens! ;)

  3. Yeah, need to send the camera back tomorrow. Final tests today.

    If you had told me you we're about to put that lens on I would have changed the wheels accordingly. ;)

  4. Ok. So where will you bike today? Same place? Thinking about quiting work early to go for a ride.

    Ahhh! That's why you had the showel on the outside of the camelbak since you got the wheels in there! ;)

  5. I will bike from home, down the stairs under the Åhléns Restaurant, over the parking lot and around the station. Then home to cook food for you and Hanna. :)

  6. Hahaa.. Ok, that's a major tour! =)

    What food will it be?!

  7. Leaning towards thaistew, not decided yet. Something that's relatively quick.

    Lot's of mushroom and shrimps, of course.

  8. No Mahjong for Hanna today, she's going to Borlänge... =(