Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Local pusher...

There's no end to the madness! Today was yet another day at the local "hill" and some push biking.

It's hard to believe how much snow there were just a few days ago, now it's almost gone in some areas and in the forest the previously so white snow is now covered by pine needles a debris blown down by the wind from the trees.

The snow was now also just pure mush and the steering on the bike was at best taking you some what in the direction you wanted! :)

Had to work until 5pm, got home and went almost straight out again to the track, the last two times I was getting there the damn train had to cross the road and I had to wait, today was no exception! *Garhg*

I was lucky though, it was raining...
Had to take a shot at the same location I took a photo of my pug not so long ago.
Same old trail, just more debris!
Almost no snow left at the starting point.
Hmm, is it supposed to point that way?
I had totally repressed how slow my Olympus compact camera was...
Got tired of it and activated the flash!

MUCH better! ;)
Didn't keep track of how many runs it ended up in total but after almost 1½hour I was out of breath and back home again!

Now if only the snow could go away, the faster the better!!


  1. The snow was no problem today, you should have biked with me on Sunday - that was trouble!

    Thanks for the company, and the somewhat artistic photos - if you're into modern art. :D

  2. Hehee.. Good thing I left my bike at home in Sunday then! :)

    Thank you too! Yes, kind of fun trying to take photos with a inferior camera. =)

  3. Ahmagaad! Sure, around these parts the snow has melted somewhat too but it's nowhere near bare ground :-/
    Fortunately departure for Spain is getting close :-)

  4. It's very varying conditions in the forest, from bare to knee deep i suppose. :)