Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weight update #7

Things are going more or less according to plan, managed to loose more weight than I thought this week, wasn't that far away from getting under 98kg but the lowest weight this week was 98,2! That despite the fact I ate a big plate of iskender kebab this Thursday! It was delicious! =)

Several days of biking this week might have helped keeping the weight from gaining. This morning I weighted 99kg.

Updated graph:
Roughly 5 kg in 7 weeks so far. A bit less than the initial 1kg a week plan, but still ok for me. I suppose it will get harder to loose weight further on but hopefully the weather will improve and the outdoor activities will increase.

The blood pressure seems to be going the right way also, following the weight down!
Since it's going the right way right now I will continue on the beaten path and try to increase the 'exercise' if I can. There are some trips coming up in the near future and that sure will put me to the test of resisting temptations! :)


  1. I'm going for another session at Höjdarstigen after work today. I will bring a shovel this time around, the trail had turned into slush.

  2. I'll see if I will do any biking today, went to sleep after 2am today! The daylight savings didn't make things better... ZZzzzZZzz...

    Just HAD to watch a recording of the F1-race in the middle of the night. Insanely exciting until the end!

    I feel I will only crash and breake a leg or something if I'm still this tired after work and try do do some DH-light. Perhaps I come and see you shovel some snow and take som photos. :)