Saturday, March 28, 2009

Push-bike in the rain

Were just about to get ready for a easy ride around town on my Pugsley when I heard a strange noise, turned out to be my cellphone that had got a text message, I have the Sopranos title tune "Woke up this morning" with Alabama 3 as text message signal, takes a while before the tune starts to sound louder. =)

It was a message from Tobbe wondering if I was interested in some push-biking, so, I ditched the idea with the pug and grabbed the Reign instead. Talk about timing! :)

Since Tobbe lives nearest the trail I got there to meet up. Got a bit bored while waiting, so I decided to test run the Olympus camera that's been pretty much unused for a long time.

My Giant Reign, think it's the '06 model, there is a year difference between the European and u.s. models for some reason...
Close up on my golden Hadley front hub, working well after some loctite on the threads.
Lots and lots of snow last night and this morning but it was well above zero degrees Celsius.
Weird light over Väsman, hard to capture on camera.
Not far away now!

Skorstenhöjden or Ställviksberget as it's really called. ;)
Tobbe took the lead but all the fresh snow got stuck on his bike wheels! Looks like a fender. =)
The back wheel got totally locked up, tobbe is a bit sceptical about it.
Well, we managed to get up the hill half way.
And then all the way to the "top".
Didn't count the runs but I think it was around 5 or 6 times we climbed up the hill.
The weather started to clear up as the snow fall ended.
My pedals picked up all sorts of debris while I was pushing it up hill.
The trail is starting to look well used! =)
I had a small bottle of water with me and after roughly an hour it was depleted, have to get my Camelbak fixed as soon as possible! After 1 and a ½ hour I was done and started to get hungry so we got back to civilization again, on the last trail before I was home tobbes bike wheels picked up some more snow!

That's a wide tire! :)
And it looks more like a 29" wheel in the back!
I got in and drank a litre of water while tobbe took the long route over the forest back home.

It was a good run, even if I managed to make a OTB (over the bar) with my bike on the same spot where I managed to crash before, thankfully the landing was soft in the snow! Have to do something about that "pitfall" ! :)


  1. Looks like I have a flat on the last photo. :) I've not even emptied the camera yet...

    About the crash spot, try to push the front forward and lower the weight behind the saddle. ;P

  2. Ahh, so THAT'S how I should do it! ;)

    What? Not empied ithe camera yet! It's been several hours already! :)

  3. Looks like "interesting" conditions for riding bikes... The brittish go on about mud clearance on bikes but obviously there needs to be even more snow clearance!

  4. Yes, it was a bit slippery and not always as controllable as one wished, but fun! =)

    Hehee.. Snow clearance sure is overlooked by the manufacturers! =)