Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday stroll...

Visited my parents and managed to make it for dinner, a delicious pork steak!

Got home around 18:00 and since it's the first day of daylight savings time and the clock was turned one hour forward it was quite light outside even if there was a dull overcast, I decided to take a walk and bring the camera with me.

Fitted it with the 50mm f/1.8 lens to get the most light as possible through the lens. =)

First victim, a dried turnip stalk.
The worn skateboard ramp in the evening light.
Walked through the forest down to a lake, Gårlången. Had no wide angle lens so I took a series of images and made a panorama.
Some bird of pray.
Thirsty tree.
Shy ducks!
Sibylla, the nearest hamburger grill.
Got to hand it to my self, this is a good shoot! ;)
The walk took almost exactly one hour, with few stops for taking photos. :)


  1. Good thing it was not heavy outside, that could bring a man to his knees! But speaking of daylight savings, love how bright it is in the evenings now. ;)

    Like the thirsty tree and the glove poking the house. :)

  2. That's the only good thing about the daylight savings, but it's been enough daylight until around 7pm a while now anyway, crazy invention!

    Thanks! Too bad the glove didn't have a more pointing finger. =)