Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday walk

Got out for a short walk, a while since last time and perhaps a chance to counterweight some of the Saturday gluttony! =)

Beautiful weather! Or not...
The snowfall made it look like winter again.
Mmmm.... Muddy...
The regular shortcut trail seemed only been used by a single hare.
The small lake was only partly covered by ice.
A well needed walk, have to take time for more walks until the snow goes away! =)


  1. ooh no! You got more snow? ... I hope it's gone when I get back. I want spring or even better summer!!

  2. I thought the sun always shines in Ludvika? I guess the cat's out of the bag now... ;-)

  3. wihlen: Yeah more snow, thankfully it was plus degrees so it melted anway fast where there were no snow before but it got stuck in threes and alike.

    Didn't belive my eyes when I looked out and saw the snow! Well, the Spain trip isn't that far away now! :)

    Micke: Hehee.. Doh, my bad! Shouldn't have posted these pictures from my trip to... Siberia! ;)

  4. Even more snow today, at least in Grangärde.

  5. Ys, it's been pouring down a couple of hours now.. :(

  6. Huh! I think I will stay away from Sweden a bit further.

  7. It's even worse today!! Will post some images soon. =)