Monday, March 23, 2009


Noticed that the front of my PC at work looked like a face when I had a USB-cable attached in the upper USB-slot.
Also a lamp foot on the desk could be mistaken for a face, alien perhaps? ;)
Went through the photos in my cell phone and found a bunch of more "faces".

Ok, this one is cheating but I'll post it anyway:
Over to the less obvious:
Water dripping from my face on an mat when I stared at the floor after a sauna. Moustache, beard and all! :)Or is it something else?!

If I notice more faces I'll take a photo and publish them here, perhaps I can gather a whole gallery with "portraits"? =)


  1. So... You collect face shots huh? ;)

  2. If you want to phrase it that way perhaps it says more about you than me...? ;)