Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weight update #6

Yet another Sunday, yet another weight update!

Tommorow it's 42 days ago since I started to keep record of my weight for the "competition" of who will treat the other with a Mongolian buffet when the goal weight is reached!

I have been doing pretty well to say it my self, last few days I have been under 99Kg! But last night there was a movie night a Tobbes place and I think it all was a part of a cunning plan to fatten me by serving delicious snacks and exlusive beers!! ;)

So this morning I was back a 100Kg! Though, it felt like it was worth it, it was good beer! Thanks Tobbe... =)

About the mini movie "festival" all four of us were to bring a movie and explain why it was a movie you wanted to see. I won't get in to that but it was a very diverse selection of movies we watched. In the order we saw them:

1 - American Graffiti
2 - Spririted away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi)
3 - Kung Fu Hustle
4 - Brain Dead

Decided to change the chart to a less cluttered one now that the days are starting to pile up.

Not that positive end for me of the chart this time, thinking about taking a walk before dinner today.

Just for the sake of it, a while ago I started to keep notes of my blood pressure, to see how it correlates with the weight. Thought it would be interessting to see how it behaves as I (hopefully) loose weight. Only been measuring it for roughly three weeks so far.
The red line is connected to the Y-axis on the right side. With other words the systolic and diastolic pressure are not that close as it appears when looking at the chart. :)
Whats interssting is to see that the blood pressure also is on a decreasing trend!

Tobe did not only offer beer to drink:
乾杯! Kampai! (Kanpai!)


  1. Sake is beer. At least in my world. Wine is made from fruit and beer is made from grain. Rice is a form of grain, so beer it is.

    The cunning plan to fatten you up had a serious backfire when I stood on the scales Sunday morning. :(

    I treated my disappointment with all the left over snacks - d'oh!

  2. Sake is wine, beer tastes good and has bubbles! =)

    I almost forget all the chinese food we ate too!

  3. If you classify rice as fruit, then you may call Sake wine. Not until. If we play mah jong tomorrow perhaps we shall try heating it like glüebier?