Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday ride...

Had a light hangover when waking up this morning but after breakfast it felt better. Started to go through the photos from yesterday, it took it's time and when I was done it was time for lunch. There was some talk about taking a bike ride today last night but I hadn't heard anything from Tobbe so I sent a text message but got no answer, decided to go for a solo ride.

Had been out for maybe half an hour I got a return message from Tobbe telling that he had just got home from a ride, he thought I already had been out for a ride. Well, well, next time perhaps. =)

Rode up hill via Grönastigen, perhaps I was premature to dismiss the hangover, it felt pretty heavy today, I could blame the semi-loose surface on the snowmobile track too...

Had only a water bottle with me, no Camelbak or camera, just a cellphone, feels liberating sometimes. After getting up the hill I rode a forest road heading against Harnäs.

Passed a snowmobile track that went straight into the woods, stopped and turned around and decided to see how far I could get on it.

The track went slightly upward all the time and it was looser than the previous track really had to work for every meter, went perhaps a kilometer before I gave up and turned around. Luckily that meant that I was now going slightly down wards! Much more fun! Had to duck for trees and branches that were bent over the trail by the heavy snow!

Got out on the road again and followed it til the end where I knew there were a trail down to another road but didn't know it it was usable with all the snow. Turned out it was well used, met three older children carrying snow racers and they shouted to me as a passed that there was a jump ahead. It was a snow ramp with a gap so I decided to pass on jumping. :)

After that I pretty much went the closest way home for a warm shower!


  1. How nice of 'em to warn you about the jump. :D

    Next time I'll make sure to call you before I ride and not just take things for granted.

    I too went with no backpack, or water since I don't have any bottle mounts on the 5-Spot. Just the cellphone in my back pocket. Less is more!

    I went to Sörvik but the paths between Laggarudden and Sörvik was not compacted enough. Not even the short one around Kaffeholmen. :(

    Took the long and partly steep climb from Sörviks plåt over Burens to Ickorrbotten - hard times! But up at Ickorrbotten I found a new path over the clearcutting down towards Hammarbacken. Looked really promising for spring, just need to bring the chainsaw and remove a handful of trees blocking the path (or build jumps over them). The trail went in a small valley and wound around the clearcutting. Flow and 3D? But perhaps there are too many rocks under all that snow. We'll see!

  2. Thay seemed to have fun, rolled past a videocamera that I suppose they have used to document the jumps. :)

    Hmm, rocks can be moved or used as obstacles, have to go check it out!

    Funny both of us went minimalistic. =)