Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weight update #3

Third week has gone by and the trend is continuing, except a big jump the wrong way this morning, perhaps easily explained considering yesterdays activities. Including a lunch buffet at a Chinese restaurant. =)

More about that activity as soon as I have processed the images and videos! I was a very nice day though.

Still on the same strategy, trying to keep the size of the portions on a 'normal' level and avoid unnecessary junk food, actually don't know if there is such thing as necessary junk food but it tastes good and is a fast way to get food... ;)


  1. I had a peak Monday morning, did not think I ate that much during Sunday. Perhaps the body has accumulated a lot of water after the beerfrenzy?

    You've got 11,4 kilos to go, leading with 1,5 kilos. I'm moving my laptop at work down in our sauna, that should shave some kilos off. ;)

  2. I ate much more at the buffet than I have done the past weeks, it shows emediately, have noticed it before too so I really have to watch out how much I'm eating!

    Hehee.. Smart, it's easy to look past the everyday excercise! =)