Monday, March 2, 2009

Only in Japan! X-)

This one was funny, a girl puts her camera on a sushi conveyor belt and it takes a video as it goes around the (kaiten) sushi restaurant. Funny to watch the reactions when people realize they are filmed! =)

"A friend of mine asked to put her camera on the conveyor belt at a local kaiten sushi restaurant. People's reactions as they discover that they're being filmed are fairly humorous."

One again found on BoingBoing


  1. Looked like the Mc Donalds och Sushi. Also, some serious stacks of plates there...

    Cool idea! We need to get a conveyor at "Uncle fish". :D

  2. =)

    No conveyorbelt! It would be to expensive, not for farbror fisk but for us! :)

  3. Hehee.. The video had like 200-300 views when I was posted on BoingBoin, now, just a couple of days later it has over 90000!