Monday, March 23, 2009

The snow blizzard from hell a.k.a "King Bores Revenge"

It has been snowing on and off several times today, by the time I finished at work it was really pouring down! Decided it was best to take advantage of the situations and go out for a ride in the beautiful weather! ;)

Since it still was snowing heavily I thought I'll take my "retired" Olympus FE-100 compact camera with me even if I knew it eats batteries to breakfast. Loaded it with a pair of freshly charged batteries.

Got outside and my bad imagination made me take almost the same route as last time.

To no surprise the Olympus "died" after just a few shots!
Well, I got my cell phone with a built in camera with me and I could catch these icicles!
Even catched a train!
Did I mention it was snowing?
Went out without any Camelbak or water but even if I had the strength to climb the small slope I had to walk up since the rear wheel was slipping on the ice under the snow.

*Brrrrr* This does not look like in the end of March!
A bit closer:
The trail was at least perfect, could keep good speed on the snow!
Marnäs Tjärn (pond) is somewhere down there.
The "down hill" parts was hilarious! :)
Pretty lonely in the forest today, got a short glimpse of an owl that swept by some 20m from me, really cool how silent they fly! Have to go back there some evening and see if I can spot it again.

Decided to take the "beach road" back had to pass ABB:s office building.
After rounding the ABB industrial area I was facing the wind dead on, it made me look like this. My sight was almost zero from time to time, at lest the strong wind kept the mist from building up on my glasses! :)
Not that far home now.
Home sweet home!
Brushed the snow of the bike before I went inside and got my self a well deserved hot shower!

To sum up the ride, this was the worst weather I have biked in this winter, but when I was behind ABB and the wind blew tons of wet snow straight in my face I catched my self smiling, don't get me wrong, I wish it was a lukewarm late summer evening instead but these kind of rides really gets etched in your mind! =)


  1. We had a short shower of snow this afternoon but it didn't amount to much, thank god!
    I'm done with snow and winter, bring on Spain!

  2. Perhaps it's that knowledge of forthcoming warmth that makes me endure this cold hell! ;)

  3. We got a couple of inches in total, wish I also went out to face the elements. The more extreme the weather the more epic the ride!

    But snow in March should not be a surprise to anyone, even if we have had +10°C and sunshine for a while. Today it's one of those clear sunny winter days again - but tons of wind from the north. *brrr*