Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunny hell "ride"!

With yesterday ride fresh in mind today was a total contrast! As I turned the shades and looked out the window this morning I saw a big bright sun shining from a clear blue sky straight down on a snow white landscape!

Just had to go for a ride in this fantastic weather for the sake of the contrast with yesterdays ride.

Slightly better weather. :)
Decided to see if I could climb a steep trail up a small hill. But first I had to get there.
Dam, it's fine weather! ;)
A short trail near the beach was prefect today, full speed ahead!
The fun always ends too soon...
Nice shades over the ice of Väsman.
Ok, time to start climbing! It's called "Höjdarstigen" That's "Bigwig trail" in English! ;)
Managed to push the bike a bit up the trail, perhaps 1/4 of the whole height.
Around half way up.
Starting to get some views.
Finally there, a bikeable (is there such a word?) trail, partly at least. Slightly slippery...
A few minor obstacles along the way, no problems! :)
Managed to get to the small hut at the viewing point.
Here I did my biggest mistake and the ride went down hill both literally and figuratively !!
The small trail down was still fun though.
This is how the "trail" looked further down! No way you could ride here... :(
Had to push the bike at least 2km in deep snow and I was running out of both time and strength! No water with me either...
This is how I felt at this point!
Finally I made it to the road, but I had to go the "wrong" direction to get to a less trafficked road and the wind blew straight at me! The good thing was that when I got on the smaller road it meant that I tailwind!
The good thing was that when I got on the smaller road it meant that I had tailwind!
Not sure I would have made it in time if I would had head wind!

And here's a short video of how I felt about pushing the bike through tons and tons of snow:

This ride is definitely the toughest rides this year! Glad I manages to be only a few minutes late back to work! =)

But as I tend to say, a bad day riding the bike beats a good day at the office any time! =)


  1. Ouch! Yeah, why did you go down that side? That's always full of snow. :D

    I have found a trail that goes directly down to Röda Stugan, so you could have had trail all the way down there and then tailwind for all road churning.

    Looks like the 'Pug liked the snow at least. :D

  2. The original plan was go go back the same way I came but at some point I decided to keep going.

    I imagined I would kill my self biking down the same way I came, it was slippery and the Pugsly isn't as confidence boosting as my Reign with spike tires and lower standover (and adjustable saddle height) so that's why I went down the other side. Big mistake! =)

    Yeah, the Pug did fine on the snow by it self, if I weighted 80kg less I could have been on it too. ;)

  3. You could have continued up to Ickorrbotten and tried "my" new path down. Think that's a killer trail to be! :)