Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shop til U drop!!!

After some initial trouble with the Chain Reaction Cycles web site I managed to order what I was looking for and then some! =)

Took over an hour to locate items that was in stock, had to change some products to others and choose some colors that I wouldn't bought normally, well, it sure will be interesting to see if they can manage to send the right stuff, there usually something missing or wrong...

Hopefully I manage to get the right stuff before the now quickly approaching trip to Spain, only three weeks left!!!

I hope I manged somewhat complete my collection of protective gear, it's about time to get a real pressure suit!


  1. Three weeks, yay! I'm just a teeny tiny bit exited to go :-)
    I've got those Spy goggles :-) And I've also been eyeing that 661 Pro Pressuire suit as it looks real comfy, light and breathable. Hope it's as good as it looks!

  2. Yeah, the Spy goggles look great, was not that expensive either, too bad they didn't have the white or silver pearl ones in stock, they look even cooler! =)

    They had a Raceface pressure suit for half the price of the 661 that seemed ok but I went with the 661 since it looked better vetilated, I hope I made the right decision!

    I will look like a total n00b in my shiny new gear! ;)

  3. Oh, well, now THAT could have been embarrasing if I had shown up with the same color goggles as you have! =)

  4. Never trust a guy with shiny gear...