Monday, March 2, 2009

Dog weather.

There's is a saying in Sweden (and Finland) called dog weather( hundväder), think the English counterpart is called "nice weather for ducks", it's real bad weather, wind, rain, low temperature and so on. It really seems to appeal the dogs, well some dogs at least. :)

Tonight was such weather, it was snowing, wet snow, wind was blowing och it was cold outside. I had my evening saved by laundry day but there was some time to do other stuff between the washes.

Decided to take revenge on the bad shape I was in yesterday and took my bike for a short ride.
Took the same way up the hill as I did on Sunday but this time I went straight down in the opposite direction after I came up to the forest road. Remember this was after work and the sun had set already but the snow did help to scatter the darkness.

After descending half way down the snowmobile track I heard engine noise and saw some light, after a while three snowmobiles full of kids passed by me, seemed to be out on a evening pick nick with their parents. :)

The light were no good for my night vision, tried to take a picture of my bike when I got further down.
Can you see the bike?! :)

Got a bit closer and used the LED-flash on the cellphone camera.
A bit better.

Did my best to avoid the roads but had to pass some residential areas.

Well, got home eventually and it turned out that there was still some time left before the washing machine was ready so I decided to make a bonus round. Now my glasses started to fog up badly!

Managed to take a final shot before I headed home for the second time. =)

Soaked clothes from the wet snow but my mood for sure was better than before the ride, perhaps I'm a dog?! ;)


  1. A bike ride always ups the mood, regardless of weather!
    I'm amazed you manage semi decent pictures even with the cellphone.

  2. Good for you! Bet it was a epic ride! The harsher the weather the more epic the ride, at least for me. :)

  3. Micke: True! =)
    Thanks, but it did involve some advanced post processing to get it to that decent level!

    Tobbe: Well, they are the one you remenber and tends to get better by time.. ;)