Monday, March 16, 2009


Long time coming but last night I finally started to play around with Deshaker, a video stabilizer for VirtualDub, all free open source software! All partly thanks to Tobbe who posted some links in the comments on his blog. Have thought about checking it out many times but never came around to it.

It totally ruined my nights sleep, stayed up way past bedtime to fiddle around with the settings. Still not totally pleased but hopefully I will find a suitable setting.

This is the best I managed so far, it takes some time to process the video sequences. If I ever find a good setting it sure will end up with some less barf-provoking videos than the handhold straight out-of-the-camera videos I get now from the Nikon D90.

Update: A comparison video, the straight out of camera file.

I'll try to post some more informative post later with before and after examples and details on what settings I used.

The software is pretty straightforward but can look somewhat intimidating in at first glance. =)


  1. Hehee.. I'll post the original video and see what Batman makes out of it! :)