Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Slightly hangover I decided to go for a walk, the sun was shining from a nearly cloud free sky and I grabbed my camera with me, on it I had the Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm, 1:3.5-4.5D that was used for all the shots.

The sun was gazing and it was warming since there was hardly no wind that chilled.

First I walked to a lake called Gårlången where I knew there would be some ducks, they were there but the focal length of 105mm (158mm DX crop) was not enough to get any shots worth posting. But I got one of the ducks in flight that was somewhat ok.
Gave up and went to the shore of Väsman. Someone had broke off a branch and some sap had already started to drip from the branch.
Some ducks here too but they were far to far away to get any decent shots.
Got this one instead, no clue on what bird it is.
Still some icicles on the shadow side of the hut.
A renovated arc in the middle of the town. looks slightly misplaced.
Bell tower near the church.A split cattail at Marnästjärn.
Got use for the macro mode on the lens, I think it works very well as a macro lens otherwise the "macro" modes often are a bit of a gimmicky on many lenses but not on this one! =)

A dead bee near a bee hive that was buzzing and bees flying around in the warm sun. The bee had melted down around 20 mm into the snow!
Other bees were more alive.
Their flight were very unpredictable and the bees seemed to be totally disorientated!

Another macro.
Information highway...
Ahhh, the sweet sound of melted snow rushing down the drainpipe! =)
A very nice walk on a nice day! Hopefully just the first in many more in the near future. :)

A shaky video to complement the photos. :)


  1. Beautiful pictures as always! And indeed, spring is in the air, even up in Piteå :-)

  2. Thank you! Nice to hear thet the spring has reached Piteå!

    Has the snow started to turn in to slush yet? Just possible to bike in the mornings when the snow is still solid.

  3. It's slush city right now and getting worse since temps will be well into the positive all week according to the weather wizards. I rode to work on the snowmobile tracks this morning though :-)

  4. The hive is near the railroad crossing at gammelgården, near the small houses. You have probaly seen it but not registred it. =)