Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another video...

Deshaked a bunch of videos from a ride the 9:th of January, newer minded to make any video since the footage looked sooo bad, shaky and jerky. But now I think I'm getting to results that are in the ok range, a few strange artifacts here and there but that's easy to oversee when compared to the original shots!

Here's the result. It was a beautiful winter day! Enjoy! =)

Have to go through my all videos now... =)
Think this will make me use the video capture on the Nikon D90 way more than I have done so far!
Just have figure out how to automate the process as far as possible in VirtualDub, should be doable in the CLI that comes with the software.


  1. DeShaker can remove some of the CMOS-shutter problem as well. But it can't handle camera forward motion. Panning and tilting is OK though.

  2. I think it worked ok with forward motion too, but as you say not as good as panning.

    Think it's a bit more straighforward kind of algorithms to calculate that compared to straigh forward motion.