Thursday, February 19, 2009

Step one: Check!

Went to Lidl on the lunch break, took me some time to locate the lamps, they were kept at the furthest part of the shop. Bought my self two lamps, one might have done it but they were cheap as I mentioned earlier, only ~30:- SEK a piece. While I was looking for the lamps I picked up a set of ring wrenches with one open side and a programmable remote control with macro function and a LCD-display, hopefully it's usable.

The fibres was a separate unit, perfect!
Had to test it, used my Inova X5 LED flash.
Another angle.


With colors:

Now I only have to find some time to build something out of it.


  1. This will be interesting to follow... Maybe you'll have to build me one later on ;)

  2. Jesper: It can be arranged, for the right amount of cash! ;)

    Did som testing with the flash using the 'test-flash-button' and I was totaly blinded so it looks promising, the fibres could have been longer I think, we will see...