Friday, February 20, 2009

Fishy cravings.

It's been another crazy week, being sick last week didn't lessen the amount of work that had to be done this week. With the math examination today (which, by the way didn't go very well) I had to use the little time I had free this week to prepare so it has been over two weeks ago since I had sushi!

So, today at lunch I decided to pay the local sushi-master a visit and end my cravings! Ordered a medium sushi, either my stomach has shrunk or the pieces have become bigger, my stomach became full! =)

The place was packed to the last table so I first had to sit by the counter, but after a while a table was free. Didn't take long before a whole family came in and had to sit by the counter, luckily some more tables became free so that they too got a table.

Hopefully it won't be two weeks until next time i have sushi! =)


  1. Sorry to hear about the exam, hope it went better then it felt.

    Or did it go this bad? :D

  2. Yupp, something as bad as that one! :)