Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Art Of Illusion

In my quest of self promotion here's some old renders I found on my hard drive, I know I have more recent ones and hopefully a bit better but I couldn't locate the images. Well, I'm not sure these will promote me in a positive way but I'll post them here anyway! :)
All made in the free software called Art Of Illusion.

A Brio baby toy with a bell inside.
A surrealistic blob.
Random pills.
Another surreal scene, four shiny spheres.A Pilot pen and a Faber-Castell.An attempt to make my own environmental mapping texture.
Perhaps a pimped waiting room?
Kraftwerk robot rip off.
Another Kraftwerk inspired scene.
Attempt at modelling a Niciolai Helious FR MTB frame.
Padlock, really pleased with the textures on this one.
Transparent blobs.Ninja star also known as shuriken.
A Yamaha logo
Yet another attempt to model the Magnum 357.


  1. Had not seen the pad lock previously, like the look on the left rod in the gate (?). Very realistic rust and feel on that one.

  2. Thanks! Think that's the most photo realistic one I have made. It's all about the textures. =)

    The flaky texture on the bars is if I remember correctly, from a photo I took in the neighborhood.