Friday, February 13, 2009

I shot a bird!

Took a short walk arund the block, had to get out a moment, specially when been sitting inside for a couple of days now, the sun was shining and it looked amazing outside.

Walked past a couple of waxwings that was eating in a tree, quickly as I managed to walk I got home and went outside again this time armed with a camera. The camera was loaded with my El Cheapo Sigma 70-300mm APO lens.

Man, the 4.5 pics/sec on the Nikon D90 made me shoot over a hundred shots in just a few minutes! =)

Three images was worth some extra effort and turned out like this.


  1. Oh, the second one is great! Shame on the blurry twig in the foreground though. :(

  2. Thanks! Yes, there were a lot of branches in front of the birds that I noticed later, they kind of dissapear in the viewfinder, and my glasses were a bit foggy too!

    I stood on the pathway and didn't have too many other locations to shoot from either but it was a good lesson to remember til next time. :)