Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Free Ride" in Austria.

Got bored being sick all day, yes, still got fever, so I edited some old video shots from a "bike" trip to Austria in 2005. Our HQ was in Fuschl am See, a small village not far from Salzburg, a very nice place!

From there we made trips to bike parks and mountains that we could reach by car and make it back by evening. Places like Leogang and Saalbach-Hinterglem, we also made a few rides down Gaisberg, we took turns shuttling the bikes in a WV-bus up the mountain again. =)

We brought our own bikes, except me. My Azonic Propulsion0n frame was sent in for repairs, again! I had to rent a mountain bike when we got there. A less reputable bike shop owner tried to fool me to rent a crappy MTB for load of money but luckily we found a decent shop with great bikes for rent and for a good price!

Managed to loose some weight during the trip even if we ate and drank a LOT when we got back in the evenings! Austrian chocolate (Milka) and Stiegl beers went down in large quantities! :)

Sorry in advance for the crappy video quality from my now broken Fuji Finepix f420 but the bad music will make you forget that!

Simply stunning surroundings from time to time!

Enjoy, if you can! ;)

austria 2005 from harri on Vimeo.

from trip to Austria 2005


  1. You weren't lying about the music... :-) Get well soon!

  2. Y A Y ! ! !


    W O O O T ! !

    Man, that was almost four years ago! Hard to imagine, so many memories still fresh. That trip was a hoot, but oh so fucking consuming at times.

    I'm still a slow chicken too afraid to push my envelope, seeing it that way not much has changed.

    Great edit, liked it a lot! I actually enjoyed the music, apart from the first tune but it got better and better. Ending with some surf guitar, how could that possibly fail? :D

    And nice ending. [robot voice]Take me to your leader![/robot voice]

    You just refuse to learn VW and WV or are you pulling my leg? ;)

  3. Micke: Thanks! :)


    Tobbe: Yes, it's strange, one still remembers some obstacles and trails! As always one tend to only remember the great parts, bless the brain! :)

    I think you are too modest (did i really write that?!), sure you have improved your biking skillz since then!

    On the last question, does it really matter if I answer yes or no? ;)

  4. Thanks, yeah, the skills have improved. But I'm still a slow coward. I'd love to push the envelope harder (but not Mathias-I'm-immortal hard). :/

    And to answer the last question: Yes! No, wait! No! Or Yes? No... Yes! Gaaah!