Saturday, February 14, 2009


First day no fever! Had bought tickets to a Laibach concert in Uppsala a few weeks ago, well, someone else payed and bought the tickets at the time but tonight was the concert day. Friday the 13th, perhaps not the best day for travel? :)

However it was a fantastic dayBy the time we got out of Borlänge the sun was setting.
The concert building, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. Sorry about the image, my Nokia N73 isn't the best low light camera. :)

This is how it looks in daylight. Think it's a Borg Cube! Apparently made by some famous Danish architect Henning Larsen. Sounds like a Borg name!

It was pretty empty inside, we thought we were the only ones to attend.

The concert hall was quite empty too, but before the concert started it was full! But they seriously have to do something about thair chairs, the seats were leaning forward and you kept slowly gliding out of the seat, very annoying and straining!

The tunes were ranging from somewhat enjoyable to plain noise, it was way different music than what I associate with Laibach.

Intro tune:

Finishing act, preformed on an 'ancient' electric organ with glowing radio tubes inside!

That music is far away from this by Laibach:


  1. Borg cube indeed. And the music was spot on for the cube :-)

  2. Hehee.. Yes, the music should fit them well. :)

  3. So... Whas the concert any good?

    I've nevere listened to Laibach, sounds like an Enigma/Yello mix?

  4. Well, the concert was quite short and I could put it like this. I wasn't too sad when it was over. =)

    Laibach seems to have done some very different kind of tunes so it's hard to tell what they sound like, but many tunes goes under the Industrial music label.