Saturday, February 21, 2009

Step two: Check!

So tonight I made the second step in my D.I.Y. ring flash project.

Decided to make a quick test of what kind of construction might work with the optic fibers.
Did a template out of cardboard.
Cutting out the leftovers.
Starting to look like something.
Will it fit over the flash?
Time to make holes for the fibers.
So far so good!
Some duck tape always does the trick.
Time to make the fibers to stay in place.
Will it work?
Looks ok!
First victim!
How about caries?
Ok, time to make something ringular with it.
Used a plastic can and a Velcro strap to keep them in place.

Some examples.

Since I didn't have the patience to try to make the ring around the lens I used the SB-800 flash is remote mode and put the ring slightly on the side or shot with it under the camera.

On the side.
Straight on. Really liked the look of this one!
High res version. (large!)
Realized that it will be very difficult to manage to make the fibers to form around the lens. First off, the optic fibers are some what short, which makes it necessary to keep the flash very close to the camera. Well, that might be solved with some kind of platform that can be attached to the tripod mount of the camera and hold the flash in place.

Second, If doing that I have to cut the fibers so that they do not poke out in various lengths. Third, I have to make the construction removable so it can be attached and detached when needed, once again the fibers length will make this a challenge.

Have to make some more testing, perhaps I can use it as a kind of 'external' remote ring flash, but having it around the lens is the main goal. Hopefully some updates later on. Now I have to sleep! ZZzzZZzzz.....


  1. You must have to much spare time :)

  2. Hehee.. No, on the contrary, I don't have enough spare time! =)

  3. Uhm, the project you stole the idea from used the internal camera flash. Is that to weak you think?

    There might be some risk overheating the external flash when blocking all the light?

  4. Don't know, mperhaps it's sufficient but I wanted to use the external flash, seemed more sensible.

    Yes, there's alway that risk, even without blocking it, I trust the heat sensor will shut it down if it's in the risk zone to get damaged. :)