Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally found it!

Ever since I heard of the ownership exchange of the Dr Pepper brand I have been keeping my eyes open for Dr Pepper bottles from Spendrups, the bottles I have seen have been from Carlsberg and they have disappeared slowly and have not been replaced.

Today however, I went to the shop to get some milk, bread and so on and decided to stroll past the bewerages and lo and behold! There they were! New print and all! =)

Old one:______________________New one:

(Photos taken with the aid of my still working IR-remote control!)

Close up on the text on respective bottle:

Will taste the new one as soon as it gets cold. :)

Just a note, the old bottle was empty and I thought it would look better if I got some Dr Pepper in it too, but since I didn't have any Dr Pepper left over I filled it woth some soy sauce mixed with water, pretty hard to see the difference! =)

Hmm, very strange website when you go to the URL printed on the new bottle!:
Reminds me of the Garbage pail kids that were popular back in the days of stoneage, where I come from.


  1. Hm... If I get the message from that site correctly one of four things can happen if you drink Dr. Pepper:

    1. You get a jumping motocross through your head.

    2. Some strange animal pulls our your tongue and start hitting it with an pneumatic hammer.

    3. You fall in love and get coated in flowers.

    4. Your face melts since some sinister machine shoot you.

    I had totally forgot about Garbage Pail Kids, still puts me in some kind of eerie mood. :D According to some site they we're made between 1985 and 1988, you where close to double my age in '85. ;)

  2. Double your age... Like 7? ;)

    I hardly remember them! Perhaps the Garbage Pail Kids stayed popular longer than I knew. I never had money to get any but my friends did.