Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dr who? Pepper?

Recently Spendrup's (a large brewery here in Sweden) acquired the rights from Schweppes to tap Dr Pepper. Before that Carlsberg owned the rights but there was some problems apparently.

Dr Pepper brand isn't that well known here in Sweden and can only be found in few shops.

Remember when I was younger, had seen some ads for Dr Pepper and managed to convince my mom to buy me a can. Then after coming home from the shop and waiting for the can to cool in the fridge I opened the can in anticipation and took the first sip.... *Bluhargh!!*

It tasted awful!! Like bitter almond, disgusting!

Bought a bottle a few weeks ago to try again now when the brand was about to change owner and to my suprise it didn't taste that bad! Funny how your taste changes... =)

Even found news about the ownership change: Swedish brewer Spendrups takes over Schweppes

"The Coca-Cola Company owns the rights in many world markets, but Cadbury’s spun-off Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) still owns Schweppes in North America.

European rights passed to the private equity groups Lion Capital of London and Blackstone of New York, who bought Cadbury’s Europe Beverages (CSEB) for €1.85 billion in January 2006.

Just two months before the CSEB deal was clinched, Carlsberg negotiated a new multi-country licence agreement to distribute Schweppes in five countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Breakdown with Carlsberg
According to reports in the Swedish media, Schweppes’ current owners were unable to reach agreement with Carlsberg on the brand’s future in Sweden."


  1. Questions needs answering; Was that the ad that made you beg mommy for the first can?

  2. Good question, wish I could answer that, but that part of my brain has rot away a long time ago!

    However that's the image I picked from all the Dr Pepper can images in the google search result so I suppose it's a subliminal choice based on previous memories lingering in my mind. ;)

  3. I preferred the spelling "quistion" you had in the first reply. ;P