Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doh! (#2)

Is it a sign? And how should in that case interpret it? This is the second time I do the laundry and it's the second time I manage to wash something that would be better off not being washed!

I must stop doing laundry!?

This time I forgot a Nikon ML-L3 infrared remote control in my back-pocket of my jeans. I don't use the remote that often but yesterday I was out shooting some long time exposure shots in at night and thought the remote would be handy, and it was! =)

The battery is a bit rusty after the wash...

I tend to put it in the back pocket so that I won't drop it in the snow or something by putting it in my jacket pocket, specially when using glowes in the cold. But this time I forgot it in the pocket when putting the pants in the laundry bin. I never have anything in my right back pocket except when using the remote, well, perhaps a lens cap from time to time for the same reasons above, so I never bothered to check the pocket before putting them in the washing machine.

Well, have to leave it to dry for a day or two and then try if it's still alive. If not I know what to ask my sister to bring from Hong Kong the next time they come for a visit... =)


  1. I always check all pockets before doing laundry, even if I hardly ever keep something in the back pockets...

  2. Cudos to you! Too bad I'm not that disciplined. ;)

    Well, normaly I perhaps would do that but now I was a bit stressed, all because the weird policies of our landlord...