Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doh! So it finally happend...

Put the new wool stuff in the laundry machine and since I was about to wash anyway I took the opportunity and threw in some other clothes that was to be washed at 40 degrees celsius.

After two hours the machine was ready and I started to pick out the cloth, suddenly I hear a clonk, something hard hits the bottom of the steel drum. Hmm...

I look down and see that I forgot to empty the shirt pocket where I kept my USB-card reader with my 8Gb Sandisk Extreme III memory card!!!!

Just a matter of time before it happend, suprised I didn't managed to do it sooner. All because I just had to post some images of deformed bacons today...

Totally soked after 2h in the washing machine.

Same with the card reader.

Pinched the card on the top of my Benq monitor, should get plenty of varm air!
So soon I will find out exactly how extreme the Sandisk Extreme III card really is!


  1. Blockhead...

    Hope you didn't have anything important on there...

  2. Importatnt? Well of course! My bacon shots! (That didn't sound as it should..)

    Nah, I usually copy the images after efter photo session so no harm in that sense, will try the card tonight. *cross my fingers*