Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch the sun...

Managed to sneak out of office and take a ride, amazingly I managed to syncronize the ride with the few minutes the sun broke thru the clouds!

There had been a snowfall this morning and it looked gloomy outside until 12'o clock.

Thought I'd try to get really sweaty and aim for the hill. But first I had to get there.

There was a ice layer under the thin blanket of snow.

So even with studdet tires you had to keep an
eye on the surface.

Wonderful contrasts today.

Wonderfull contrasts today.

Well, no time to get stuck here, had to try the ice on the lake.

Think I could have spent the rest of the day shooting right here.

Thought I'd take a shortcut over the ice and save some time. BIG misstake!
Almost failed to get up the steep slope back up to the trail, the snow on the ice was insanly slippery!

Fortunately I could bike up the rest of the hill
But as you can see sometimes one had to do some
emergency bailouts!

Alomst half an hour
just to get here!
Takes like 10 minutes
otherwise. :)

Well, might as well enjoy the scenery.

Started to snow again

Time to get down again!

Very exciting ride down!
A final photo.

Got almost a one hour ride but I was pleased even if I wanted to make a bit longer ride. Today the Schwalbe Ice Spikers were slippery, think I would have needed some Nokian Freddy's Revenge! =)


  1. If you can muster the Glory you can try the real Freddies. I have the Freddies light on the 5-Spot and those spikes are not as aggressive, just normal Nokian studs.

    Looks like a nice ride! I was considering bringing my skates to work today but...

  2. But... What? Friday? :)

    Would be fun to try the Glory with Freddies (real) down the same trail!

  3. But I was too lazy. Tried to drag my pa out on the ice but he had a cold. But when considering the -14°C we have here today it might have been for the best anyway. :)