Friday, January 16, 2009

It's official...

I'm now a student, well... A part time student anyway. =)

Yes, this old fart is back in school. Trying to survive a C-course in math,
it won't be easy,never was a math-guy in school until the last
years when I got a math teacher who liveup to the title.

What a difference when someone could
explain math in words that made sense!

So now I back in my old school, funny, it feels and looks like before but some twenty years has passed by! It's also a bit different conditions now, only lessons one day a week and slightly more commited. =)

It sure will take a lot of time but I'll try keep up with the pace, it's not a huge pressure since I only have my pride to loose. ;)


  1. Say what? Why?

    I think I have forgotten most of it, but some day I'll open the books again. I have the books for A-F at home. I flunked math D at first but managed on the second go. Took math F as well but did not commit and flunked, same goes for the university math...

    Derivative was quite fun but not shortening equations, I always managed to render "X = X" in the end. :D

  2. Well, in case I want to go to a university, but that's another story.. ;)

    Yeah, had forgotten most of it too. Some of it is slowly coming back. No problem with order of operations in algebra but I tend to mix up +/- for some reason, think I need to read up on more more basic stuff.. =)