Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finnmarksturen, new course.

Must be over a month ago I tried to follow the new path of Finnmarksturen, that was the "second" half of the course, yesterday I got a chance to get a guided tour of the first half!

We were a group of five riders, the weather looked good if one looked at the right direction.
The prerequisite for the ride was that is was supposed to be a easy ride but it didn't take long for the hot-headed riders to start competing up the hills! =)
Only short breaks to wait for me to catch up.
I was ready to throw my self in the water for cooling down, warm and humit with hardly any wind.
Premier for my beautiful shirt from On-One, reminded me of Max Cady from Cape fear, too bad it's not red. ;)
Mostly familiar trails but some new ones, which was nice! And of course a lot of forest roads...
Wonder how many will go over the bar here during the race?
Wonder if they will remove this until then?
With some speed it should be possible to bunny jump the obstacle. ;)
Not sure what they were up to.
After that the trail got better.
After getting down to Stensbo I got to know a new way to get past the road, didn't know about this tunnel.
After that there was some more forest roads to the bike lane towards Ludvika and then down past the water processing plant, still calm.
On the last trails before Ludvika I got this small stick in my rear wheel.
Glad also I got rid of the annoying sounds after I exchanged the bottom bracket for a new one, the old was really bad, was bad before the Scotland trip even...

30km in roughly 2h, great work out! :)


  1. The first years of FMT apparently went through that tunnel in Norrvik/Brunnsvik. It can be seen from the road if you know where to look.

  2. Nice ride !,, You guys should come up to Sunnansjö There is a really nice trail that I just discovered last week,, good climbing and downhill. the path is called kyrkvägen or kyrkleden( not sure now).

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